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Love is

Yesterday knowing


Doesn't matter

Stars seem so simple

In comparison

To what we have

But what we will have

Seems like forever's wish

Building blocks like little children

Starting at the bottom

Waiting for the crashes

In suspense


All  the big and little pieces are

Still there for us

To make an even stronger tower

The next time we play

Connecting the tiniest dots

Along a magnetic plane

Of circumstance

No airport is necessary

No landing is necessary

Because love

Is yesterday

Knowing tomorrow

Doesn't matter









A Love Song for the Unloved


A love song

for the unloved

Is like waiting

For thirteen o'clock

It won't happen

Unless it does

And if it does

The world will stop for a day

And wonder

"How can this be

That thirteen o'clock

was given to me"

Another sixty minutes

Two times a day

To build an oasis

To fast. To pray.

That thirteen o'clock

For the unloved

Does not become

Just two more

lonely hours

The Ethereal


We cast our eyes toward Heaven

Waiting for the grace of Angels

To show us that Earth

Is not all there is

That hate

Is not all there is


There is one more chance

To requite all unrequited

To build the crumbled bricks

Of our hearts

Into fine statues

Fit for  a visit from the Queen


The artists are both Gods and dogs

Divine and so hungry for flesh

The light within can stop the body

From functioning in the

dark tunnels of New York City

Even though she never sleeps

She closes her eyes


Salt water forms as she cries

Like the hatching of flies

The tears move everything around them

Push pulses  to fibrillation

Cause feet to redirect

Toward Heaven


The ethereal calls us

Like little children

Playing hide and seek

Atop a volcano

Their hearts wouldn't know it was too hot

If we didn't teach them


She wants us, beckons us

To unleash purple light

Across the cosmos

Because all we've ever been

We still are

And  everything we can be

We still are

With love


If we knew what love was

We would do it

A Haiku for Ruby Bridges


Ruby Bridge's walk

Down that harsh Southern runway

True fierceness in flats

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